Debuting April 11

March 24, 2009

“There’s no place like home.” Dorothy Gale, Wizard of Oz

You know sometimes I wonder what ‘home’ is.
Is it an actual place? Or is it some
kind of longing for something,
some kind of connection?”
President Laura Roslin to
Admiral William Adama,
Battlestar Galactica, Season 4.5

Welcome to 11th ave, where, on the 11th of every month starting April 2009, you will find:

  • a Q&A with one of the many talented people I know (who better damn well be amusing)
  • some original writing by me or whichever friends owe me or whose resistance is weak enough that they can be muscled by me
  • a feature recipe and a recommended food blog of the month
  • the musical stylings of JZ, who will provide the soundtrack
  • and some other stuff that you should feel free to recommend. But no, there’s no money involved.

Now, you’re asking yourself why, having taken care of the business of describing what this blog’s about, I included those two quotes above, about home. Well I’m glad you asked.

11th ave was where I spent my summers as a kid, like my mother before me. Geographically, it’s in the tiny beach community of Sandy Hook, with 11th ave ending in a log-pole pier that runs right into the southwest shore of Lake Winnipeg. Our cabin, at the other end of 11th, started out as a chicken coop that my grandfather dragged onto the property in the 1950s and it got only a little more souped up. Oil furnace, wood stove, cracked lino floor. After all the houses and apartments I occupied in Winnipeg, it is this shabby little four bedroom shack that feels most like home. That, despite the fact our family sold it in the 1970s in my teens and even more so since I moved to Montreal in 1997.

It’s the day trip I take as often as possible when making the Winnipeg pilgrimage, but mostly, it’s the home of my mind’s eye, the connection to what made me. It’s also the inspiration for a poem I wrote after learning that my mother and father spent their honeymoon there, dropped off by my grandparents and picked up a couple of days later because they were carless. You can read that poem in the inaugural edition of this blog zine, on April 11, 2009.

So 11th ave, Sandy Hook, Manitoba is where I come from. And 11th ave the monthly blog is the new home for stuff that feeds my head.

Check back on April 11 and let me know what you think.

Denise Duguay



  1. Denise,

    Of all my friends who have blogs, your blog is the most interesting. I actually read it (but I’m still trying to figure out the poem and have come to the realization that unless there is a punchline, I don’t get it) and find it compelling, engaging and one of the best reads of 2009.


  2. Denise,
    Congratulations on starting this blog. It’s wonderful! And I love the Entertainment calendar, too. Very cool. I will, of course, be linking to your blog immediately.

    Cheers and love

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