food blog for thought April 2009: Alltop

April 10, 2009

Like trying to choose just one favourite food, it’s impossible to pick one favourite food blog. So for the inaugural edition of food blog for thought, I present a blog that’s a taster’s menu of food blogs.

Alltop gathers, ahem, I think the kids would say aggregates, some of the best food blogs I’ve found on my own travels. And the handful of post links per each of the many blogs are poppin’ fresh.

Like 101 Cookbook’s Easter Brunch Recipes. Just what you need this weekend! Or how about the very un-holidayish Honey-buttered Popcorn at Real Food for Real People. And it’s not just recipes. Obsession with Food’s Derrick Schneider chatters on about putting a new bookcase in the kitchen and trying to decide which volumes deserve pride of place and which are there just because Schneider feels they’ve been neglected.

I love Alltop so much I will even forgive it for being so impressed with itself (“Enough to make a foodie die and go to heaven.”), because, well, the truth is a strong defense. In addition to selection, Alltop also neatly lets you get a preview of the blog post when you hold your cursor over the headline. Plus, if

you are willing to register (which I am not, but that’s just me), you can cherry pick from Alltop’s faves and set up your own page, which you can share. There’s a video extolling the virtues of Alltop (and Apple computers) and the other topics it covers. It’s like RSS “aggregation without the aggravation”. A true fondness for catchphrases with these people.

If you’ve got a fave food blog, please share. And I’ll have another one to blather on about on May 11.

— Denise Duguay


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