food blog of the month June 2009: Bitten

June 11, 2009

Plenty of weeks go by that I don’t read a word by New York Times food writer Mark Bittman, who is the anchor writer on the NYT blog Bitten.

But I love this guy for being able to balance a macho swagger with an inviting, soothing you-can-do-this approach to intimidating cuisine — in his writing and on his TV shows, including Best Recipes in the World and Spain: On the Road Again, often with well-matched chef friend Mario Batali.

I first saw Bittman on PBS’s run of Best Recipes in the World. Love at first sight in this series in which he picked foods and themes and dashed around the world for the best and most interesting approaches.

I bought the recipe book and Osso Bucco is now a cool-weather staple, often served with his Risotto alla Milanese. With a chaser of cholesterol medication, of course.

But while I love and am emboldened by his recipes and food writing, I also enjoy the writing and comments he inspires. Take this post in which Tara Parker-Pope interviews Bitten (okay, it’s technically on her Well blog) about his ridiculously small kitchen. Or this one in which fellow Bitten blogger Suzanne Lenzer writes wistfully about second-hand cookware. The bonus with the latter is the vigorous stream of comments. This blog has a great audience. And yes, I realize I’m complimenting myself also there.

Enjoy and, if you’re inclined, drop a note about your fave food blog.

Denise Duguay


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