read, cook, eat july 2009: summer tomato sandwich

August 11, 2009

Summer time, tomato time

Summer time, tomato time

Despite cool summer weather here in Montreal, there are still nice tomatoes to be found, the real ones with the spiky green fragrance. Could eat them raw, sweet juice gushing, but you know what you need to do.

Summer Tomato Sandwich

Rinse tomato tenderly and cut into slices about one cm. thick, with a knife that will not crush.

Layer like roof shingles on one piece of modestly buttered white bakery bread. Sure you could toast it, but if the bread’s fresh, don’t bother.

Pepper. Tiny bit of salt, if you must.

Hellmanns and only Hellmanns for summer tomato sandwiches.

Hellmann's and only Hellmann's for summer tomato sandwiches.

One the other piece of white bread, spread a luxurious layer of Hellmann’s mayo and only Hellmann’s mayo. If you have ever even raised your eyes to Miracle Whip, you are lost. Best wishes.

If you have fresh basil in the garden, go pluck a couple of leaves, rinse, pat dry and shred. Sprinkle on the mayo.

Join the bread like two hands in prayer. Cut sandwich in half or, if you’re feeling fancy, in quarters. Out loud, say “Thank you for summer tomatoes” (don’t worry, somebody’s listening, even if it’s just your  mildly concerned neighbour) and tuck in.

Repeat until October.

— Denise Duguay

Oh basil, my basil

Oh basil, my basil



  1. Perfect recipe…although I do like PC Mayo. You could add a few slices of local cucumbers or some bacon for a twist.

    • oh yes, bacon and cukes. damn. now i’m hungry again.

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