September edition: Amy Buckland, Miss Violet, Terry Coles, Nick Cave and zucchini bandits

September 10, 2009

As the smart ones among you already know, it’s the beginning of a new TV season. I have to say I was not confident that I’d be able to pull things together enough to do my fake-TV-critic previewing of the season, campaign for people to stop repeating the nonsense that Jay Leno will save TV (from what? good taste?) and also fill my monthly heart’s desire to put out another edition of 11th ave.

Well, I made it and Jay Leno is not on the mailing list.

Some highlights:

  • Meet Amy Buckland, librarianator and latest Proust Q 5.0 victim. Just don’t ask her to get you coffee. Like ever.
  • In the photo feature snap, Miss Violet says “Yeah!”
  • In this month’s original writing feature, a remembrance of one classy dame, Terry Coles.
  • Jordan Zivitz finds another way to sneak Nick Cave into your brain in this month’s musical installment of sountracking.
  • And in the recipe feature read, cook, eat, the word is zucchini. The warning is: Lock your car.


Denise Duguay


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