The December issue: Edwina Claus, Jordan Zivitz, the Pogues, Sufjan Stevens, Jingle Cats, Moravian Wafers, Virginia O’Hanlon and Kevin Frayer

December 11, 2009

Oh look at you, dropping by like the sweeheart you are.

Welcome to the December issue of 11th ave., the world renowned webzine of blogger, dictionary operator, rum tester and award-winning ice-cube technician.

The marvels awaiting you this month are:

  • Mrs. Edwina Claus shares a pint with Proust in this month’s Proust Questionnaire 5.0.
  • Resident DJ Jordan Zivitz wishes you a meowy Christmas, with a dash of the Pogues and Sufjan Stevens, for this month’s soundtracking.
  • A batch of Moravian Wafers proves that some Christmas cookies will put hair on your chest, in read, cook, eat.
  • Virginia and Newseum.org remind us that yes, there is still a Santa Claus in the fine print.
  • And, in the photo showcase snap, AP photographer and former Winnipeg colleague Kevin Frayer goes to the fair in Pushkar, India and the folks at the Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog have put a gallery of his photos together.

— Denise Duguay


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