snap January 2010: hot dog in Prague with Philip Bloom

January 11, 2010

Prague is a gorgeous city, with its castle and saint-studded Charles Bridge and astronomical clock in the Old Town and twisty roads and wine bars… And street vendors who sell boiled corn on a stick. Best street food I’ve ever had: cob of corn on a shivery cold street in one of the fanciest cities in the world. Or my known world at least.

But what am I doing prattling on about things better seen than described?

Filmmaker/photographer Philip Bloom was messing about with the video option on a fancy new still camera called the Canon 1D Mark IV. He and a pal with a hot dog jones shot video around Prague. The result shows the incredible video capacity on this camera, but that matters only to the pro photographers and other nerds in the crowd. For the rest of us, it shows an amazing video postcard from Prague, the highlight of which involves a hilarious swell of music, a hot dog and Bloom’s friend.

Click here to see the video (sorry, embedding Vimeo videos is beyond my wee mind right here and right now). Or click here to see the video in the Gizmodo story that caught the eye of excellent Montreal photographer S. Best, who sent me the link.


— Denise Duguay


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