The January edition: Harry Klein shines; Jordan Zivitz soundtracks Blue Rodeo, Cat Stevens and Okkervil River; Philip Bloom captures a hot dog in Prague; and Hot and Sour Soup for the soul

January 11, 2010

It’s good to be inside, isn’t it? Lean in and warm your hands on the radioactive glow of your computer screen and let’s get started.

  • This month’s Proust Questionnaire 5.0 introduces Harry Klein. Shining is his business, and I don’t just mean the shoes.
  • 11th ave’s resident DJ Jordan Zivitz couldn’t help notice the shortness of these winter days. His soundtracking selections will make it better.
  • Filmmaker Philip Bloom is a brilliant guy who takes a new piece of equipment and after fooling around a bit, creates something that will make you weep, tech nerds and non-nerds alike. That’s this month’s snap feature.
  • And if this is flu season, you can’t have enough hot soup. I’ve taken Mark Bittman’s Hot and Sour Soup recipe and bent it to my will. This month’s read, cook, eat is good for what ails ya.

Tuck in then. See you next month.

— Denise Duguay


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