April 2010 edition: Bernard Perusse, Farm Sluts, Hillcrest Cemetery, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and a swimsuit edition

April 10, 2010

Look at you. You’ve come back. And me without a cake in the oven. But how about a nice Bran Bar? You know you need it. And while I’m fixing the tea, you could put your feet on the coffee table (mind the Hummels!) and rip through this month’s edition of 11th ave. New to the game dear? Click here or on the “gps coordinates…” note in the right-hand sidebar.

Now then. Table of contents (or, hello Mother!, you could just scroll down and read and read and read).

  • The new victim for the Proust Q 5.0 is Gazette colleague and music lover Bernard Perusse. Like you’ve never seen him before.
  • The newish film feature, called clip, returns with Farm Sluts. Ever had a really bad day? Larry’s wondering when they’ll stop.
  • The mister and I have been travelling again, ghoulishly. The photo feature snap rises from the grave.
  • 11th ave DJ Jordan Zivitz is back with soundtracking,  doing the opposite of celebrating some very curious musical choices by David Bowie, Billy Joel and Bob Dylan.
  • And the occasional series featuring other people’s excellent writing returns with the fine print: swimsuit edition. If it’s good enough for Sports Illustrated, it’s good enough for 11th ave.

That should keep you for a month. Until next time, check your boots for leaks. You know how I worry.

Denise Dugauy


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