snap April 2010: graveyard vacationing in Nova Scotia

April 10, 2010
Hillcrest Cemetery, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, March 2010, by Johnny Cash Jr.

Hillcrest Cemetery, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, March 2010, by Johnny Cash Jr.

Johnny Cash Jr. and I recently took a few days of vacation in Halifax. So of course, it was only a matter of time before we found ourselves in a cemetery. Past cemetery visits have included Portadown, Northern Ireland, at which we were interrogated about our views on the Troubles by a couple of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-esque gravediggers (until discovering we were Canadian and harmless) and Highgate Cemetery, just outside London, where I fell in love with moss and decay and the peaceful, spooky mystery of  dead people, broken marble and real and imagined life stories. Lunenburg’s Hillcrest is indeed on the crest of a hill, overlooking the Atlantic. Wierdly, it is a stone’s throw from the historic Lunenburg Academy, which is still used by small children. Who will obviously need therapy from playing among gravestones every lunch and recess. But on our visit, JCJ found more spookiness in the trees. Lovely.

Now of course most of you are too scared to comment, but I’d just love to read anyone else’s morbid graveyard-vacation stories.

Denise Duguay



  1. Wow, another interest in common. H & I have been visiting cemeteries for years. Tons of stories to tell. Spent many hours there the August I stopped smoking. If you loved Highgate, time to read “Her Fearful Symmetry”.

    • i did read Fearful Symmetry. loved it, except for the ending …

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