May 2010 edition: mother redux, short-film frenzy, big pants, Insane Clown Posse and a New York paper cup

May 11, 2010

You know when you see that movie where the old boxer takes one in the puss and you can almost see his cheekbone cave in and his retina detach, but he shakes off the sweat and the daze and puts up his dukes one more time? This month that’s me and this cold I can’t shake. Which is my way of saying the quality control this month is a little limited. Or more limited than usual. But it’s all about what’s in your heart, right?
Now, I’ll be off to look for a boxing gym because a few blows to the cheekbone can’t hurt anymore than this infernal sinus pain. But before I go, here’s a look at this month’s edition of 11th ave.

  • It’s Mother’s Day so let’s revisit the Proust Q 5.0 from May 2009 featuring Mother. That’s Elizabeth Tomkins to you.
  • Short films are the new black in Hollywood. A selection of some shorties that have the film biz in a frenzy in this month’s clip.
  • Elastic-waist pants don’t get enough respect. Johnny Cash Jr. spied some lounging on a verandah in rural Quebec, for this month’s snap photo feature.
  • 11th ave’s music contributor, Jordan Zivitz, offers a soundtracking selection featuring Insane Clown Posse, Natalie Merchant and The Magnetic Fields.
  • Wondering what to serve at your Lost finale party on May 23? Wild Boar Ragu, of course, in this month’s read, cook, eat.And a toast to the blue paper coffee cup that contains my best New York memory for this month’s original writing.

See you next month. Wash your hands. You know how I worry.

– Denise Duguay


One comment

  1. What a most moving mother’s day story (interview with your mum). I also like the photo of your mum and you. Great. Thanks, very inspiring!

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