snap: Empire state of mind

February 11, 2011

View North at dusk from Empire State Building, Jan. 25, 2011. Johnny Cash Jr.

“The Empire State Building is the closest thing to heaven in this city.”
Terry McKay, as played by Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember (1957)

The Empire State Building itself is best viewed from about 20 blocks either up or down from 34th St. along Fifth Ave in Manhattan. Takes your breath away, but then again, with that distance you might as well be looking at a picture in a magazine, right? Up close is no better. It’s too big to take in, the lineups are, if not too long, then definitely too winding, as they were on a recent trip to NYC with the my photographer beau, Johnny Cash Jr. But the view, even from the 86th floor observation deck (yes, too cheap to pay for the deck on 102)? When you look out over the ever magnificent city of New York, that’s when you know you’re at the Empire State Building. JCJ did his thing and sends you this postcard from the ledge. Now that, Terry McKay, is heaven.

Denise Duguay


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