The February 2011 edition: Neil Coligan, Empire State Building, Rosanne Cash, Johnny Cash, Richard Duguay and Macaroni Pie

February 11, 2011

Hey, where ya been? Missed you like mad. But enough of this mushy business. There’s some ground to cover so let’s go.

It’s fucking cold out. Cold. So I’ve been reading and carbo-loading comfort food and rediscovering the joy of music, one out of three of which put me in mind of my basement-radio-show-host friend Neil Coligan. Plus, the Empire State Building, which, OK, you are correct in thinking the ESB does not fit into the otherwise tidy cocooning theme I have lovingly crafted for the glorious return edition of 11th ave. Some things just stand on their own. No? Well that’s all I’ve got.

Anyway, here are the offerings for this month.

  • Neil Coligan doesn’t much leave his Man Cave. And why would he? The world comes to him when they listen to his Monday-night radio music show. He blows his own horn in this month’s Proust Questionnaire 5.0.
  • Neil has a movie poster, and this movie poster has a cinematic link to the subject of this month’s photo feature, snap. I’ll let you puzzle this one out visually.
  • What’s a cold February without a little music? This edition of soundtracking starts with Johnny Cash, eases melodiously to Rosanne Cash and peaks with a cymbal crash of Richard Duguay’s new album.
  • For read, cook eat, the food portion of our program, I give you The Five Stages of Macaroni and Cheese. Skip the ketchup and go for the hot sauce.

Man, it’s good to be back. So nice to see you again. Have a good month.

Denise Duguay


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