April edition: Mike Boone, Brian Dettmer, Take Me Back, parsnips and a daffodil

April 12, 2011

Hello chickens. This month, the theme is … Ah who am I kidding. It’s the usual chaos theory, live and direct at 11th ave. Enjoy.

  • Under the hot glare of the Proust Questionnaire 5.0 is Mike Boone, Gazette city columnist, Habs blogger and man of well-chosen words and owner of a very large heart.
  • For the photo feature snap, a daffodil catches the light just right. Sappy? Yep.
  • In the new and unoriginally titled visual-arts feature art, a look at the work of Brian Dettmer, book surgeon, video surgeon, map surgeon, …
  • In the occasional video feature clip, an invitation to check out a great web TV series called Take Me Back.
  • And, finally, because you must be famished, as part of the food feature read, cook, eat,  a recipe for Parsnip Soup with Chevre and Chives.

Denise Duguay


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