read, cook, eat’s summer cocktail edition: Bourbon Lemonade

May 10, 2011

Only one lemon was harmed during this photo shoot for Bourbon Lemonade. Photo by JCJ

To be honest, I’m not much of a bourbon drinker. Maybe I just haven’t sampled the right kind (or been willing to pay enough?), but raw bourbon puts me in mind of that phase I went through that left teeth marks on the pews at Holy Cross Catholic Church. (Six Hail Marys, in case you’re wondering.)

What is not made better by lemons?

But on the occasion of the Kentucky Derby (May 7), I got it into my head to watch the race whilst sipping a Mint Julep. It grew on me, the more the ice melted but still a bit woody. So I hit the Google button and quick as I could say “Where’s my Sex and the City Cosmo cocktail shaker?”, I had pilfered consulted enough sources to come up with a bourbon cocktail that I quite like. The secret  is to make it sweet and very tart, which can also mean you should be near a chaise longue in case you sip a bit too quickly. Perrier fizzes it up quite nicely.

Note to the spontaneous among you: You’ll need minted simple syrup, which is sugar and water boiled and cooled. Doesn’t take long, but you might want to make some, like, right now. You can also use this when you want a Mojito, although Mojito’s are so 2010, no? Here’s epicurious.com’s Minted Simple Syrup, which keeps two weeks in the fridge.


Bourbon Lemonade

No, shaker, not Cosmos today!

  • 2 ounces boubon
  • 1 ounce Minted Simple Syrup
  • juice of half lemon

Combine with cracked ice in a cocktail shaker. Pour, ice and all, into a short glass (or tall glass if topping up with Perrier).

Garnish with sprig of mint.

Denise Duguay

Bourbon Lemonade in a glass. Photo by Denise Duguay


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