clip: Danny & Annie and the rest of the StoryCorps

May 11, 2011

We live in a time where the already plentiful ways we have to take in stories has been multiplied to an almost deafening, blinding roar of options — digitized, phone-apped, podcasted, pdf’d, live-streamed, iTuned, flickr’d, YouTubed, TMZ’d, Vimeo’d and, surely not far off, hologrammed. We are surrounded by, pelted by stories, stories, stories.

But when is the last time a story stopped you cold? A real story from a real person?

StoryCorps is an outfit in the U.S. that travels here and there with audio recording equipment and invites people to drop by and tell a story, tell their story, alone or with a friend or relative. Running as a feature on National Public Radio stations in the U.S. and also available on the web and via podcast, StoryCorps stories are sweet, joyful, heartbreaking, quiet, boastful and wonderful. And short, brevity being another rare thing.

I used to hear the feature occasionally early a.m.s on Vermont Public Radio but hadn’t for a few years until I saw, on Twitter, a note from Reuters photographer @lucy_nicholson in Los Angeles.

So I clicked. StoryCorps has taken an already lovely thing – its audio story archive – and begun making  it even more so by animating a handful of the stories. Here (above) is the story, recommended by Lucy, of Danny & Annie. When you finish, and you want more, click here for more StoryCorps animation. Click here for the StoryCorps website and access to the podcast, which you can also find in your app store.

Thanks Lucy.

Denise Duguay


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