May edition: Richard Burnett, StoryCorps, Todd Korol and the Hawaiian night sky and Bourbon Lemonade

May 11, 2011

It’s taken a little longer than usual this year, but the leaves have finally begun to pop out on the trees outside our balcony, offering a few months of privacy to the guy across the way who insists (insists!) on working out … uh, a la mode in front of his window. Poor fella. But where was I. Oh yeah. Another edition of 11th ave is right here in your hands and it’s as refreshing as a Bourbon Lemonade, a recipe for which just happens to be on the menu. Speaking of …

  • Richard “Bugs” Burnett is a provocative, charming writer and Montreal man about town. He alights long enough to undergo the Proust Q 5.0.
  • A Twitter friend (Okay, laugh. Better now?) recommended a link and I clicked and fell in love with StoryCorps’ Danny and Annie in this month’s video feature click.
  • 11th ave’s resident photo editor, Johnny Cash Jr., gets a finder’s fee for this month’s snap feature: his friend Todd Korol‘s eye for a good picture never goes on vacation.
  • And because you’re exhausted and thirsty now, and you too are wondering what the hell to do with the bottle of bourbon you bought to watch the Kentucky Derby, here’s a Bourbon Lemonade that’ll have you shaking all over, for the summer cocktail edition of read, cook, eat.

Well that’s it for now. See you next month when I’ll be kicking off a “lite” version for the summer months. And if anybody has any ideas for a music feature, I’m all ears.

Denise Duguay


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