june edition: a bee named Buzz, some artful talk and the elusive jicama

June 11, 2011

As foreshadowed last month, this will be the start of a string of 11th ave lite for for the summer months. Basically this means no Proust Questionnaire 5.0. Suck it up.

This  month, I eulogize an unexpected visitor, I champion a great PBS series you can watch online or not and search for a small root vegetable sometimes known as the Mexican turnip but more fondly known in my house as where the hell can I buy one of these damn little tubers? (legume, actually, but I quibble)

Enjoy. Despite the biblical weather. Or maybe even more so because of the biblical weather.

So sayeth the Buzz. Which might mean more to you after you’ve studied this month’s edition of my (not) internationally acclaimed webzine 11th ave.


Denise Duguay


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