january 2012 edition: soundtracking with Robert Szkolnicki, a couple of cans of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, Betty introduces Denise to Proust, and a work in progress

January 11, 2012

2012 is starting out in a very audio kind of way. Having decided last fall that I would post, in January, what I could salvage of a 2009 audio recording of my mother interviewing me, a bit of kismet befell me. At a Christmas gathering in Winnipeg of former and current residents, I met up with an old friend and fellow pre-Internet pioneer* Robert Szkolnicki. After grilling him about his music preferences, I asked if he’d like to contribute to 11th ave’s long neglected music feature called soundtracking. The word Soundcloud came up. And then it just kept popping up. Robert gives it a good run in his essay and it solved my audio recording woes. Here’s a rundown of this special audio-heavy edition of 11th ave. Thanks for dropping by.

  • In soundtracking, Robert Szkolnicki puts his ear to the Soundcloud and reports back.
  • In the Proust Q. 5.0, webzine magnate Denise Duguay gets grilled by her mother, in a recording made back in 2009.
  • And because it’s always good to finish with something sweet, the feature read, cook, eat invites you to take the Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk challenge and win a can. Or two?

* Okay, Robert was a pioneer. I was a girlfriend of one of the other guys, but still. I was on something called a BBS back in 1994.


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