snap: yeah, I’m on Instagram too

February 9, 2012

Don't Think You Are a Photographer Just Because You Use Instagram, via @nageam on Instagram

I’ve been around a few photographers. I know more people who take photos. Pardon me. Make photos. Which is a karma thing. Since discovering Instagram, a social photo sharing app I just started using on my iPhone, I know even more people who make photos. I spotted this photo recently in a few Instagram feeds, including @nageam’s. Not sure who made the original. Love the old broad. But love the sign even more.

Am I a photographer? Nope. But I love making pictures. And using Instagram is making me less self-conscious about squatting in front of a billboard, to use a recent example, to shoot a high angle (of would that be low?) of some anti SOPA and PIPA graffitti. Getting my coat filthy in the process and jumping nearly out of my skin when the construction worker (on break, sigh) sitting in his truck honked at me and called me over to show me on his iPhone how to flip the camera to facilitate easier angling. It’s just a big Instagram world, I guess.

So I guess you wanna see my feed. Of course you do. That’s me, @dduguay.

Denise Duguay


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