clip: the mystical lives of cameras and the short film Leave Me

March 11, 2012

Cameras are mystical objects. Also electronic and mechanical and technical. But mystical is what I’m thinking about right now.

There’s the belief, which I love, that each camera produces only so many good images, an admonishment to shoot thoughtfully. This one was related to me years ago by the late, great Johnny Cash Jr. and which I hope I am recalling and attributing correctly to the late beloved Winnipeg newspaper photographer and photo editor Jon Thordarson. (Have it got this right? If you know a truer version of this, please message me below or shoot me an email.)

There’s also the old potato about a camera stealing its subject’s soul. Perhaps your, like my, first inclination is to scoff at this so quickly as to barely give it a thought. But the fear, often ascribed to primitive tribes in early days of photography, casts a darker shadow in these days of digital ease of image capture and distribution and the digital-era unease over issues of copyright, privacy and control of not just what you create but what you are within the outline of your digital footprint. But this is making my head hurt, so let’s move on.

The film called Leave Me (embedded directly below), which I tripped over on Richard Arless Jr.’s facebook page (thank you Richard), floats another magical belief about cameras. It’s also a lovely film (with some maddening drop-outs in the audio). Three minutes. Gorgeous. Tissues might be in order.

Here’s where you can find out more about Daros Films, who are working on a full-length film called Greyscale. If you like the music on Leave Me, click here to find out about Daros’ kickstarter fundraising campaign for Greyscale, which will make you an investor as well as earn you an mp3 of the music.


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