March 2012 edition: South by Southwest music, Tom Junod’s mom and a magic camera

March 11, 2012

It’s a slim offering this month, having taken a break from the Proust Q 5.0 on account of the Digital Storytelling workshop at Montreal’s Studio XX, from which I am procrastinating this very minute.

But Robert Szkolnicki* came through in this month’s soundtracking with a bunch of music at the South by Southwest conference, saving us all from having to queue for hours outside cramped (though atmospheric) venues in Austin, Texas in the next week or so.

For the fine print, I have tapped the elegant writer Tom Junod for a link to his exquisite essay about mom and food. Too beautiful, really.

And finally, for snap, there’s a beautiful three-minute film called Leave Me. Less said the better, although I do go on about camera mysticism. Really, it’s hard to stop writing sometimes.

If I am moved to more procrastination later today, you might find a couple more dribs and drabs: some original writing, perhaps, and maybe a recipe, but I hope instead I will have worked on my actual digital story for the workshop.

Wish me luck!

Denise Duguay

*Correction: Sainted mother in heaven! Apologies to poor Robert. All those consonants tripped me up not once but twice this issue. I owe him more than usual. 


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  1. good luck then!

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