soundtracking: free download the Leonard Cohen tribute album, The Bard of Montreal

April 11, 2012

Leonard Cohen, The Bard of Montreal, via Herohill.com

I’ve given recent soundtracking columnist Robert Szkolnicki the month off. Specifically, he put down his pint the other day long enough to suggest a production meeting for this very issue of 11th ave, whereupon I had to admit that I was planning to rely on 11th hour inspiration. He, while not in possession of a column, had already shared some music brilliance, which I post now, and hope you enjoy as much as I have enjoyed in the past two weeks.

The Halifax label Herohill is offering a free download of The Bard of Montreal, an album of tributes to Montreal’s great Leonard Cohen, by indie music artists including Heavy Blinkers, Les Jupes, Old Man Luedecke, Kathryn Calder, Mark Berube and INTERSTLLR.

We asked our favorite bands to find a Cohen song that meant something to them and record it in the humblest, scrappiest way them could find. The results hiss and sigh, but they also soar. There are delightful stunning studio creations and humble, intimate bedroom recordings. There are punk rock guitars and glockenspiels. There are passionate moments, heartache and fire. There is everything that makes Leonard, well, Leonard.

I love the music and the spirit in which it was created and shared: lyrically shameless self-promotion and a call to pay what you can and however you can, even if it’s just (just?!) listening and passing along this link.

Hopefully you fall in love with Cohen again, but also with the artists we feature here. If you do, buy a record or go to a show. Keep this community thriving.



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