you are here: Montreal’s Mount Royal

June 12, 2012

Mount Royal is crawling with people, right now and later and until the snow falls, when the numbers fall off but only a little. We are hard core, we Montreal mountain people. I walk there several times a week, about 10 km, including The Stairs, which is a grueling workout and quickest access on my, south access, to the summit. I climb to blow off steam. I know a woman who climbs 20 sets. Best I can do is 5. I’m working on it.

My favourite time to hit the mountain is, now that the nights are longest, about 8 p.m. or so. All last summer, standing on Pine Avenue, watching runners and lovers emerge from the path as from black air, I was curious but timid; I didn’t want to get caught after dark on the mountain’s switchback paths. Couple of weeks ago, it was late but I was in desperate need of a good hike so I sucked it up. First reward? Watching from the lookout as the city lights come up after the sun goes down. My golden city. Better reward? Looking out from the paths I had feared and seeing people looking timidly up, as into black air. The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

If you live in Monteal, go to the mountain. If you don’t, check this out.

Click here to slide through the NFB’s excellent multi multi media piece on the mountain, from tweets to videos to audio to still photos. Click and hover, click and hover.


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