read, cook, eat: Susan Semenak’s summer cocktails

July 11, 2012

Susan Semenak launches her new 5 a 7 Friday Cocktail summer series with Citrus Sangria. Recipe at montrealgazette.com/food Photograph by: Katherine Mainardi

Don’t you deserve a cool, glass of something something after a hard week at work? Of course you do. And my Montreal friend and Gazette colleague Susan Semenak knows that. So she has begun a summer cocktail series.

Her 5 à 7 Friday Cocktail series launched with Citrus Sangria. Click it. You’ll like it.

Or you can try the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, which is just as lovely without the rum. I am told.

Or my fave so far, the Australian Woo Woo. You barely need to drink it, do you?


Update: Thanks to reader Kathe Lieber for the heads up on a broken link, fixed now.



  1. Denise, clicking on the title of this one brought up a 404 “page not found” error. I got here by clicking on the tiny URL, I think, but normally clicking on any of the links brings up the piece.

    • thanks. hopefully fixed

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