July edition: Barb Davidson and Koci, Robert Szkolnicki and l’affaire Emily White, an origin story, some more photo pondering and thank god, a cocktail

July 12, 2012

I don’t mind a bit of slacking off, especially in the summer. As I write this, it is technically no longer the 11th, the usual 11th ave publication date, as my procrastination research has forced me to miss the deadline. I hope you’ll forgive me. There’s a cocktail if you make it to the end.

  • There’s no Proust Questionnaire 5.0 this month. It’s summer for god’s sake. But I have something, yes, even better. For the snap photography feature, we have two excellent photojournalists in conversation: Barbara Davidson of the L.A. Times interviewing Richard Koci Hernandez, who is hell on Instagram and also at UC Berkeley. Made my heart go squee. Really.
  • For the first original writing entry in a long while, I finished a poem that I began 12 years ago. Though it feels like yesterday that Grama Jean was twisting the truth and otherwise taunting me with mere snippets of family stories that I have taken into my own hands.
  • For the video feature clip, a tip of the hat to Montreal photographer Tim Snow, who recommended a short video biography of NYC photographer Jay Maisel. I would like to be adopted by him so I can live in  his New York home. Also, he is pretty talented.

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