August edition: Winnipeg’s summer festivals, a vacation in the Chic Chocs, daydreaming with Mitch Hedberg, Larry Towell on the lam and Katharine Hepburn still killing me with every word

August 11, 2012

Happy summer. I hope you are so busy having fun you don’t have time to read this. Hey wait a minute… Nevermind. Thanks for coming and here’s what’s in store for the August 2012 edition of 11th ave.

  • In this month’s soundtracking, Robert Szkolnicki gives a photo tour of some of the music festivals he’s attended, and yes, that’s Billy Bragg right there.
  • For this month’s photo feature, snap, I have indulged myself and submitted a photo that boils the best of vacations, in the history of the world, down to one image. Yes, I’m that good.
  • For the fine print, Katharine Hepburn rises out of the grave and reaches back 26 years into the past and then another nearly 20 years further and despite all that, still breaks my heart.

And finally, I have created a new feature here at 11th ave and I call it make and it’s a look at the how and why of making stuff or, if I were in a more poncy mood, I might describe it as an observation on the act of creativity, either reflecting on something made or laying out a challenge and then tucking in. I hope to cover films, music, books, poems, photos, doodling on bar napkins, the cocktails that used to be on top of the bar napkins before you scoffed them down. Whatever. To kick off the series I have two entries:

Lemme know what you think of make. And lemme know about great projects you’ve seen/heard discussed or are under way.


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