make: Mitch Hedberg and unbearable rightness of daydreaming

August 11, 2012

Comedian Mitch Hedberg had not reached my radar until I moved to Montreal, comedy city, and saw the light.

This video, part of a guy named Scott Moran’s documentary series called Modern Comedian, which talks to comedians about their creative process, features the late great Hedberg’s comedian wife, Lynn Shawcroft, sharing some thoughts on his creative process, especially the need to daydream. There’s also some bare peek into what passes between two fiercely creative people who are also a couple. Here it is.

So what’re you working on? What interesting project/film/book/song/whatever do you know about that you’d like more people to know about? Email me.



  1. This was such a touching tribute to an incredible talent. If you’re very familiar with Hedberg’s work, you can hear his voice in your head as you read the jokes in his notebooks. Thanks for this.

    • Thanks Patrick

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