clip: Jerry Seinfeld and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

March 11, 2013

And you thought you’d seen Jerry Seinfeld’s best take on a show about nothing.

Try Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, a web series starring Seinfeld in which he … drives cool cars and goes for coffee with other comedians. The series (you can watch here or on the ipad app Crackle) puts Jerry in a different fabulous car each episode, in which he picks up his guest of choice, who is apparently advised only that Jerry will call, swing by and find a diner, brunch spot or what have you. Coffee is usually, though not always, involved. So, a show about nothing. But not nothing. Of course.

Episodes, shot in either Los Angeles or New York, feature Alec Baldwin, Ricky Gervais, Bob (Super Dave) Einstein, Larry David and a few others you might need to be a comedy nerd to recognize. Comedians aside,though, the most gripping episode is the one with the least funny moment. In it, Michael Richards recalls his 2006 racist response onstage to a heckler, an act that effectively ended his career. His talk with Seinfeld provides incredibly tender moments.

The whole series is worth watching. If you watch only one episode, make it the Richards episode (most are no longer than 10 minutes, the Richards’ episode runs 17 or so).


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