the fine print: is that a poem in your pocket or … is it time for Poems for Shark Week?

April 11, 2013

Save the date: April 18 is Poem in Your Pocket day!

It’s a week from now, Apri 18, but I know you’re resistant to this whole poetry thing so I’m giving you a heads up. Next Thursday, April 18, is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Yes, you heard that right and right below is a very sweet and earnest video about the whole affair. And so either be prepared to have poems, well, LAVISHED upon you or to grace someone you love (ok, or want to taunt) with a poem. Need a poem? We thought of that. And when I say we, I of course mean poetry.org, which is your poetry destination any old month of the year.

But seriously, April is indeed poetry month. And while Poem in Your Pocket day might be a bit too much for you, and even if your relationship to poetry exists only when you are preparing for a wedding or funeral, give a thought and a google search to poetry. Couldn’t hurt. Here’s something from poetry.org for my godson, Marcus, whose birthday I have officially delayed until I can mail his gift: Poems for Shark Week (yes! see? poetry can be fun. and scary in a way you never considered, right?)

Here’s a whistle-whetter from Vivian Shipley, called What to Do About Sharks:

If a hammerhead or a great white makes waves during your workshop or poetry reading, don’t flap your elbows or slap at it with rolled manuscripts. Sharks thrive on visual stimulation.
Read the full poem here.


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