soundtracking with Robert Szkolnicki: Nick’s Mom

May 11, 2013

The question of where musicians get their inspiration could be answered by getting to know what they were listening to when they wrote or recorded a song. For a musician who has died, the answer for their inspiration may only be determined by who they sound like.

A recent episode of Sound Opinions featuring the music of late Nick Drake revealed an inspiration that surprised me. In a conversation with Nick Drake’s producer Joe Boyd, he says that the young musician was influenced by his mother, Molly Drake.

The thought that musicians are influenced by their parents surprises me only because I do not have many examples that I can reference. Unless a famous musician comes from a famous musical family (McGarrigle/Wainwright) then we have no comparison to listen to.

The music of Molly Drake has recently been released. Even though these are home recordings, fans of Nick Drake will find something familiar to appreciate. Squirrel Thing Recordings has released the album which you can hear on Bandcamp (or embedded below)

WNYC’s Spinning On Air plays the music of both mother and son.

David Garland presents selections from “Molly Drake,” the new limited edition album of those old home recordings, alongside songs from Nick Drake’s three albums, giving listeners the chance to hear the many connections between mother and son. Both were sensitive, talented, insightful people who wrote subtly devastating songs.


One comment

  1. I’m not a Nick Drake fan (yet) but this is a crazy revelation. I’m a musician and I could never imagine being influenced by a parent.

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