the fine print: I Wish My Mother Would Call

May 11, 2013

You can shake your fist at Hallmark and FTD all you want, Mother’s Day would be a thing with or without the commercialization, which this year of 2013 comes on May 12.

But what kind of thing is Mother’s Day for you? And you? That’s the thing.

A loving, uncomplicated thing? A day to lavish gifts and gratitude?

A longing thing? For a mom gone, either from this life or from yours?



Or perhaps accepting? And imperfect as you and she and your relationship is, wishing for just a little more time?

Gawker has a personal essay series that features a very moving remembrance of a mother that Dawna Dingwall shared. It’s called I Wish My Mother Would Call and you can read it here. And please do. It’s lovely. It’s written by Joshunda Sanders

If you’d like to wander through a few more motherly remembrances, try this blog I started a couple of years ago and, while not updated much since then, stands strong still in the collected stories of women I know writing about their mothers. That series of remembrances was called Mother’s Day Survivor Guide and you can read those posts here. If you’re a completist, the blog itself is called, and I will not apologize for the title because it still makes me smile at its dorkiness, 50 ways to grief your mother. If you can’t be sarcastically melodramatic to your friends, then what’s this world come to?

Happy Mother’s Day.



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