Proust Q 5.0, looking back and forward and into the mirror of Vanity Fair

January 21, 2014

I started my Proust Questionnaire partly because I love to grill people, to find out what makes them tick (tick as in what makes them work as well as what makes them go “tick tick BOOM”, the latter of which is quite useful when you work in a high-stress environment, like, say a newsroom).

But why, I wondered, are only famous people Q&A’d? Aren’t mere mortals also interesting? Well of course they are. As a former reporter, I can tell you that many seemingly ordinary people are chock full of surprising stories and are surprisingly willing to share. So I began my own version of the Proust Questionnaire (Proust Q 5.0 is what we call it here at the home office) and my subjects are the people around me. And there is nothing “mere” about my mortals.

Check out some of the respondents so far by clicking here and watch this space in months to come as I’ve actually got some new subjects lined up! Very excited.
From the archive:
Ani Cioffi will take your order now;
Montreal photographer Tim Snow;
Father John Mahoney;
Paula Tiberius is meditating like a mother… ;
fellow Winnipegger-in-Montreal Deanna Radford, muse;
(my fave) wherein I am Prousted by my mother;
Brandon photog Colin Corneau;
Richard Burnett (but you can call him Bugs);
Habs blogger Mike Boone;
yoga mistress and photo goddess Cheryl Hnatiuk;
Winnipeg photographer Ian McCausland (are you sensing a theme here?);
music man Bernard Perusse;
other music guy Jordan Zivitz;
shoeshine man and entertainer extraordinaire Harry Klein;
artist and wiseguy John Pohl;
mystery writer, mystery woman Susie Moloney;
Amy Buckland, librarianator;
Winnipeg street prophet Gaylene Dempsey;
Mary Lamey, land baroness;
I, Al Kratina;
and, starting it all way back in May 2009, mother dear, Betty Tomkins.

But there’s also some fun in store. Vanity Fair, which has a lively monthly Proust Questionnaire of its own, has an interactive in which you, yes YOU, can answer the character-revealing questions made famous when Marcel Proust answered them way back when. Bonus: Once you complete the questionnaire, you can see which celebrity you most resemble in your answers.

Have a go right here and report back. Bisous!


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