make: period dot com – a survey for women

January 22, 2014

Hello my dears. I have a favour. In a new category in 11th ave called “make”, I want to ask you about girl stuff. Like about your “moon time” or, as Sister “Army Boots” Concillia called it back at St. Alphonsus, “your … *stage whisper* peeee-riiii-od.”
I remember it well: 1971, Grade 5, Winnipeg, when ole Army Boots papered over the small window in the classroom door, frog marched the boys out that door and forced the remaining girls to watch a film that congratulated us because, “You’re a woman now.” It was a magical moment, until AB forgot to turn off the projector bulb when she rewound the film and, to my horror, the tidy little onscreen uterus that had just voided itself BEGAN TO FILL BACK UP WITH BLOOD! Horrors. We hit the communion wine pretty hard after choir practice that week I’ll tell you.
But I digress. I’m collecting stories for a story/monologue I’m working on about … well, about the life and times of my period, I guess. Hilarious, moving, uncomfortable, let’s hope. Below (or click here if you can’t see the embedded form) is a survey asking questions about your moon time or curse or time of the month or visit from your Aunt Flo or your dot or what not. It covers the full spectrum, good for any age. Pass the link to your friends. I’ll report back here, eleventhavenue.wordpress.com as I progress with the project so if you don’t want to participate, you can still follow along. But I hope you will fill it out. Because you are the best friend I’ve ever had. No, really, each and every one of you! xo dd


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