soundtracking with Robert Szkolnicki: keeping your ears warm with 3 + a bonus

February 12, 2014

Here’s the latest from Winnipeg-based Robert Szkolnicki.

How’s your winter going? I bet you are not having much fun. Too cold, too dark, and too long. To cheer you up I have three musical treats to keep you warm..

Jonathan Wilson appeared on KEXP with a long set of psychedelic folk rock. The KEXP live performance recordings usually have interviews in­between songs. Not so here. Just a long burn of music. I imagine hearing this in a loud, hot, sticky club.

Going further out into the psychedelic province wilderness is Wax Fang with The Astronaut.

THE ASTRONAUT is a grandiose sonic odyssey flowing seamlessly from each of its three movements to the next like a space shuttle through a psychedelic intergalactic landscape.”

At sixteen minutes for just Part 1, this should keep you warm for quite a while.

The Line of Best Fit has released their latest compilation of new music from Canada with Oh! Canada 23 (for download or stream below)

Oh I cannot wait for Canada to be 23 again. Plus not minus.

(Bonus treat: Stream the tracks selected for Sweetheart 2014 right here or embedded below).


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