the fine print: Larry Levis’s The Poem You Asked For

March 17, 2014

This section of 11th ave., the fine print, is where I offer a “chapeau” to writing I find here and there that really touches me or grabs me or hey this is sounding a little rough for prime time. But you get my meaning.

Ordinarily, this would be where I would drone on a bit about why I was so moved or inspired or gob-smacked. But to be honest, I can’t recall. I generally bookmark lovely things I find here and there, sometimes I email them to myself. I am so certain, in the moment, that my connection to the writing will pretty much write itself into a blog post. What happens more often than not is that I find an email like the follow, which has its own lyrical beauty no it doesn’t.


Gyrating bridge 1939

99 per cent invisible

Leek potato kielbasa soup

The Larry Levis poetry page, at Poem Hunter, that I bookmarked Jan. 9, 2014 was almost as mysterious as the above. But The Poem You Asked For fairly jumped up and begging me to click it again. However I found it, I am grateful. It casts the relationship between poem and poet like a love hate relationship, which of course it is.

beat me and took my money,

tore the faded clothes

off my back

Read the full poem here.

And if you like The Poem You Asked For, you might also try the great American poet Billy Collins’s Purity.



  1. Like the poem! Tx.

    • Welcome!

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