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make: yarn bombing is so 2012. photo bombing is so never. but poetry bombing, yeah

February 12, 2014

Augustina Woodgate, god bless you and your secret needle and thread. I first read about her here. And as this month’s edition of the “make” feature, here is a look at the work of a poetry ninja.

So, who’s with me? Poetry month, only weeks away now!!!!



make: period dot com – a survey for women

January 22, 2014

Hello my dears. I have a favour. In a new category in 11th ave called “make”, I want to ask you about girl stuff. Like about your “moon time” or, as Sister “Army Boots” Concillia called it back at St. Alphonsus, “your … *stage whisper* peeee-riiii-od.”
I remember it well: 1971, Grade 5, Winnipeg, when ole Army Boots papered over the small window in the classroom door, frog marched the boys out that door and forced the remaining girls to watch a film that congratulated us because, “You’re a woman now.” It was a magical moment, until AB forgot to turn off the projector bulb when she rewound the film and, to my horror, the tidy little onscreen uterus that had just voided itself BEGAN TO FILL BACK UP WITH BLOOD! Horrors. We hit the communion wine pretty hard after choir practice that week I’ll tell you.
But I digress. I’m collecting stories for a story/monologue I’m working on about … well, about the life and times of my period, I guess. Hilarious, moving, uncomfortable, let’s hope. Below (or click here if you can’t see the embedded form) is a survey asking questions about your moon time or curse or time of the month or visit from your Aunt Flo or your dot or what not. It covers the full spectrum, good for any age. Pass the link to your friends. I’ll report back here, as I progress with the project so if you don’t want to participate, you can still follow along. But I hope you will fill it out. Because you are the best friend I’ve ever had. No, really, each and every one of you! xo dd


make: Mitch Hedberg and unbearable rightness of daydreaming

August 11, 2012

Comedian Mitch Hedberg had not reached my radar until I moved to Montreal, comedy city, and saw the light.

This video, part of a guy named Scott Moran’s documentary series called Modern Comedian, which talks to comedians about their creative process, features the late great Hedberg’s comedian wife, Lynn Shawcroft, sharing some thoughts on his creative process, especially the need to daydream. There’s also some bare peek into what passes between two fiercely creative people who are also a couple. Here it is.

So what’re you working on? What interesting project/film/book/song/whatever do you know about that you’d like more people to know about? Email me.


make: Larry Towell is at it again

August 11, 2012

Canadian Larry Towell is a great photographer. This is how you can tell: You mention his name in front of any serious and/or professional photographer and to a person, each will go quiet, probably nod. Awed. There are plenty of places to see his photographs, maybe even buy one of  his many books. But my interest here today is the creative process and yes I just used those two $10 words together like the pretentious git that I can be. But there you go. I love to hear people talk about their work, their heart’s work. It’s one thing to see what they’ve done, but to hear them describe it, what motivated it and then to see what they ended up producing? I love that and am starting a new series here at 11th ave. dedicated to just that: people talking about the stuff they make.

Larry Towell’s new project has him in South Dakota, Montana and other American sites that will help him explore what Magnum’s photo blog is calling Looking for America: Cowboys ‘n’ Indians. In an interview posted on the blog, Larry describes his own pop culture-shaped childhood view of the frontier and  his curiousity about the reality now. He describes the project this way:

As America moves toward the next Federal election, I ask myself if native Americans have been forgotten in the debates, if cowboys are just a thing of the past, and what it means for the people of the Plains to simultaneously celebrate their opposing roots.

You can read the full post here and check back there (or here!) later to see what he comes up with.

So what’re you working on? Or what interesting project have you heard about that someone else is working on? Email me.

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