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clip: Letter to a Young Man Starting Out, coming to a computer near you

December 11, 2013

You know how these things happen. You’re panicking about Christmas gifts. You remember Shaun’s grandmother said she wants a photo of us together so you go digging in photo albums and binders of DVDs and envelopes of negatives and a tower of external drives and a handful of loose thumb drives and NOTHING. But then there’s this cigar box and even though it’s from too long ago and can’t possible hold the photo you seek, you open it and right there, amid the loose photos of relatives there is no hope of ever identifying, there amid all these virtually anonymous photos there is a typed letter, a card really, on College de St-Boniface letterhead, dated “le 3 juin, 1956”. And you’ve seen it before, only now, your French is improved enough that you can read the whole thing. And to understand it and become very angry. And that leads you to want to burn it. But you think, wait. You should tell someone, should ASK someone first. Because the letter is not to me. The letter was written to my dad, Georges Euclid Duguay, who was 19 at the time and 67 when he died in 2004. So I showed it to my brother. And, well let me just say that there was no burning, but there was a spark of an idea of what should be done with this letter. He’s working on that and I’m working on this, which exists in my head and in this movie trailer, courtesy of the iMovie app’s ridiculously easy and fun movie trailer templates. I did this in about 45 minutes and I’m new to the app. I share that so you can also be emboldened to be brave and have your own fun. But for now, if you’d just be amazed, I’d be grateful. The fuller project, however it manifests, will come along when it comes along. With great gratitude to my brother, Richard Duguay.

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